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The right Augusta personal injury lawyer can make all the difference in winning or losing your case. Scott Monge & Associates is known throughout this city as the personal injury firm that makes a difference in the lives of clients.

Personal injury claims cover a variety of case types. One thing is common to them all: claimants stand a much better chance of getting the full compensation they are owed if they hire a qualified, skilled, reliable personal injury lawyer. Our firm has that attorney for you.

Our Augusta personal injury lawyers are at work around the clock to deliver the largest and most complete settlements possible. We’re so confident, in fact,  that we offer a full guarantee on our personal injury claim representation.

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The Firm You Need For Personal Injury Claims

Augusta personal injury lawyer

The phone book has lots of personal injury attorneys, but none operate quite like we do – or produce the same results. It all starts with our commitment to each and every client. We offer a free case review and our trademark “Big Settlement Guarantee”. This means that our attorneys make sure you get the full settlement owed to you under the law. We fight insurance companies every day, and we win. It’s just what we do.



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