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Hiring the best Savannah personal injury lawyer that you can find could mean everything for the success of your case. When you have been severely injured through the negligence of another person, you might be out of work, have lost your income, and at the same time, racked up huge medical bills. When your life gets turned upside down by a personal injury, reach out to a Savannah personal injury lawyer from our firm for the legal assistance you need.

In Savannah, GA, some of the most respected personal injury lawyers are found at Scott Monge & Associates.


Why Savannah GA Prefers Our Personal Injury Firm

savannah personal injury lawyerFirst, we are dedicated solely to personal injury law. We cover all aspects of personal injury, and we do so for a simple reason. We are dedicated to helping people recover compensation in their time of need. A personal injury can be devastating with loss of work, a tighter budget, exorbitant medical bills, and general fear of the future. We can’t fix the pain, but we can help people put their finances back together during their recovery.


You’ve come to the right firm if you are looking for fast, fair, and a no-yield approach to your personal injury case in Savannah.

We’ll make sure you are compensated fairly by the insurance company.

Call us right now at (800) 676-4878. The consultation is free, and in only takes a few moments. With Attorney Scott Monge on your team, you’ll be on the road to financial recovery in no time.


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