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atlanta wrongful death lawyerIf you’ve had a loved one die recently, you know that there is little to ease the pain. In some cases, deaths occur through the negligence of another party – on the job, in an accident, or in the routine of daily living. A lawsuit can’t be filed by the deceased, but the law does provide relief for family members through wrongful death litigation.

Have you lost a loved one through the negligence of another person? At Monge & Associates, we successfully represent many clients in the Atlanta area every year for wrongful death claims. Money won’t replace your loved one, but it is provided under the law to help replace funeral costs, loss of income, stability, and your general way of life.


What Is “Wrongful Death” According To The Law?

Wrongful death is a part of common law jurisdiction in which the defendant is a person who can be held liable for death. It is brought as a civil action and requires strong evidence that the defendant is guilty of negligence beyond a reasonable doubt.

The line between civil and criminal action can become a bit blurred when it comes to wrongful death suits. This is why you should contact our Atlanta wrongful death lawyers for advice and counsel relating to your case.


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