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Safe and Secure: Out of State Travel For the Holidays

Published by Ruth on | in Blog

Holiday travel tips

As the countdown to Christmas Day and the New Year continues to dwindle down, many people across the country are preparing for the holiday season and will be taking advantage of their time off to travel. Whether it be to visit family and friends or just for fun, it is always best to travel prepared. Since you never know what could happen to you on your trip. Below you will find a few helpful tips to ensure a safer trip!

Be flexible

This time of the year is always busy and weather delays are very common and can extend wait times. Always have a backup plan and be flexible with your itinerary.

Do your research

Be aware of any environment risk, weather conditions and regulations at your destination.  Road conditions can be more dangerous at this time of the year because of increased traffic, snow and ice and a higher number of drivers under the influence.

Have reliable communication

 Keep your phone charged at all times and stay informed with the news advisories at your destination.  Having the ability to receive and send messages is key to staying safe while traveling.

Maintain a low profile

Don’t carry large amounts of cash and use ATMs that are located on the street or inside a bank during daylight hours.  Try not to wear very expensive jewelry or do anything that may suggest wealth. Pick pocketing and other forms of theft increase during the holiday season.

Keep a close eye on personal belongings

Try not to keep all of your important personal belongings in one place. Things like credit and debit cards, cash and your drivers’ license can be an easy target, especially in crowed areas like airports, tourist sites, and train and bus stations.

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