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Searching for an Augusta Car Accident Lawyer?

Car accidents don’t wait for a convenient time to happen. In reality, there’s not one.  A nice evening out or a morning commute to work can quickly turn into a nightmare – many times through the negligence of another driver.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and you think someone may be to blame, contact the Augusta car accident lawyers of Scott Monge & Associates.


What An Attorney Can Do After Your Car Accident

So, you weren’t expecting to be in an accident, but now that it has happened it is critical to take the right steps. Here is a quick checklist to getting your life back in order after an auto accident.

  • augusta car accident lawyerIf you are injured, seek medical attention right away
  • Give your report to law enforcement officers
  • Don’t give statements to third parties or others involved in the accident
  • Get contact information from witnesses at the scene


After a car accident, you may be suffering from more than intense physical pain. You may also have lost wages or even lost a job. You may have medical bills that you’d never be able to pay on your own. Add the mental stress of trying to keep your life together and a totaled vehicle, and you’re looking a pretty tough situation.

If the above describes you, call Monge & Associates today. We’re the Augusta car accident lawyers who know exactly what to do to bring you the largest settlement for you accident.

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