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Have You Been Injured In A Large Truck Accident?

Semis and large trucks fill the highways night and day in the never-ending quest to keep goods and materials moving across the nation. Every year, there seems to be more of them on our roads and highways, and most folks rarely pause to think about the damage that can occur in an accident with one of these titans of transportation.

The National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) reports there are roughly 25,000 accidents on average each year in the United States that involve large trucks. They only represent about eight percent of the total number of vehicles on the highway, but they inflict enormous damage in accidents.


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Augusta Truck Accident LawyerSurvivors of truck accidents are often left wondering what to do next. Our attorneys can answer all of your questions.

If you are suffering after a truck wreck, you need to contact Scott Monge & Associates. We are Augusta truck accident lawyers, and we have recovered major financial settlements for our truck injury clients.



Our Augusta truck accident lawyers are ready to go to work for you in making your situation right. We know that the trucking insurance company will fight you every step of the way in paying you anything. We will make sure they pay the justified amount. In fact, we guarantee the largest settlement amounts, or you won’t pay us anything.

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