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Facts on Driving During the Holidays

Published by Ruth on | in Auto Accidents

driving during the holidays

Driving during the holidays can be very stressful because of the congested busy roads filled with many drivers trying to get to their destinations. The National Safety Council estimates there will be approximately 45,000 injuries that require medical attention and about 421 deaths during the New Year’s Day holiday period. With these alarming statistics it is important to take precautionary steps in order to ensure your safety.

Drinking and Driving

Know your route in advance, make sure your vehicle is properly maintained and do not drink and drive. If you know you will be drinking, have a designated driver. The holidays see more DUI and DWI arrests than any other time of the year. Most importantly always wear your seatbelt. The NSC estimates that seat belts will save about 154 lives during New Year’s Day. Below you will find five interesting facts about holiday travel.

Did you also know that:

• Ninety percent of travelers drive to their holiday destinations over 50 miles away to celebrate while only 7% decide to fly. The three most visited cities during the holidays are Miami, Florida, Fort Myers, Florida and Cincinnati, Ohio.

• Thirty-seven percent of travelers travel the day before Thanksgiving, making it the busiest travel day of the year.

• Majority of accidents occur in the early and late evenings.

• Drivers fatigue was a factor in approximately 1,000 injuries and 54 road deaths last year during the holiday season. Poor vision and inclement weather are also very common factors in accidents as well.

• End-of-year tiredness, traffic jams and family tension are factors that increase a driver’s stress level.

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