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Getting hurt on the job typically means you are stuck out of work for at least some time, and this can be the beginning of all sorts of problems. Financial stress from lost income, medical bills that are piling up, and the pain of the physical injuries themselves. Most jobs carry worker’s compensation benefits, but sometimes the insurance companies don’t want to reimburse you for your lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering. It’s a hassle for you (not to mention, it can create an uncomfortable environment between you and your superiors).

Time to call Scott Monge & Associates. We are Savannah worker’s compensation lawyers who get things done and help you get back on the job. Specifically, we’ll fight the insurance company for you and get the guaranteed largest financial settlement to compensate you for your losses.


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savannah workers compensation lawyerOur head attorney, Scott Monge, is so committed to informing our clients on how to win their case that he actually wrote a book on worker’s compensation. It’s called “How to Win Your Worker’s Compensation Case & Get a Big Settlement”.

It’s a great resource, and it’s free. Download your copy today.

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